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My wife and I are very positive and trusting people. Easy to get along with and always trying to make a difference to other peoples lives.


We like to go out to dinner at the many restaurants in Melbourne, Nobu is our favourite; We love to take our boys to the Art Centre, Moomba, Australian Open, Aussie rules football, Basketball and Stage Shows.


I am a trader of derivatives on the equity market and like to go to the stock exchange. I also am a quadriplegic; complete from C6 down the result of a car accident some 30 years ago.


We have designed and furnished the apartment ourselves which we are very proud of.


We greet our guests and clean the apartment ourselves so we can maintain our high standards.


I/we are a very lucky family and we hope to pass on our positive attack on life to others.


We look forward to meeting positive and trusting people who likewise care about others.