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Disabled Services

Our apartment has been designed with disabled people in mind. 


The master bathroom has a roll in shower suitable for a commode to use.  The shower also has a lower showerhead track so someone in a Wheelchair/Commode can access the showerhead.




 The Basin in the master bedroom has enough clearance for a wheelchair to get under.


Flick taps in all sinks.


Our bed in the master bedroom is adjustable by remote control allowing you to sit up in bed or raise your feet or both.


Tempur mattress on both beds are sensational to sleep on, Oh so comfortable.


Furniture in our apartment has been selected so the disabled can use, i.e.: fridge with water dispenser at right height, table that a wheelchair can get under.  No coffee table or other furniture to clutter up the apartment and take up space.


Heater/Air conditioner controls at right height.


Intercom phone at right height.


Remote controlled Battery operated blinds for both the living area and master bedroom.